2015 Executive Board


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President – Tyler Blackmon


Tyler, JE ’16, hails from Rising Fawn, Georgia, where he began his political endeavors as a proud member of the GOP, even campaigning for Georgia’s current Republican governor. After 2010, however, Tyler switched to working exclusively for Democrats, including Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Chris Murphy, and (his favorite) Dan Malloy. Tyler has spent his last two summers building a progressive infrastructure in Georgia, working first for Georgia Equality in 2013 and then for Better Georgia in 2014. Though his work is now in Connecticut, his heart is always in Georgia. And if you dare ask him, he will gladly tell you why Georgia is unquestionably the greatest state in the nation.




Vice President – Jacob Wasserman


Jacob, SY ’16, comes to Yale from University Park, Maryland, and is trying his best to manage a history and political science double major. Active in both New Haven politics and Connecticut legislative advocacy, Jacob serves as Ward One Co-Chair on the Democratic Town Committee and was last year’s Legislative Coordinator for the Dems. A transportation wonk and Obama campaign veteran, Jacob works outside of politics on The Yale Historical Review and at New Haven Reads. In his (increasingly scarce) spare time, Jacob enjoys hiking, watching vintage Seinfeld, and talking about his Jewfro.


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Treasurer – Azeezat Adeleke


Azeezat, BK’17, is a proud political science major and Marylander. She’s interested in urbanism, transportation policy, the political press, and much more, depending on the day. In addition to the Dems, Azeezat works as a Yale Writing Partner, serves on the board of The Politic, Yale’s greatest magazine, and helps run a club devoted to celebrating the cultural legacy of The West Wing. When she isn’t doing any of that, Azeezat enjoys riding high speed trains, reading longform journalism, and watching Kpop music videos. Azeezat would like you to know that the t is silent.




Legislative Coordinator – Jackson Beck


Jackson, BR’17, is a political science major from South Portland, Maine. In the past, Jackson has worked as an intern for Congresswoman Chellie Pingree and campaigned for Democratic candidates in his home state. On campus, Jackson blogs for The Politic and works at the Yale Film Study Center. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out at the beach and wandering through record stores.




Elections Coordinator – Maxwell Ulin


Maxwell, TD ’17, hails from Santa Monica, California making his perhaps the longest commute of any board member on move-in day.  He is a current History major who also intends on pursuing a double-major with Political Science.  In addition to his work in Dems, Maxwell is also student chair of the Democratic Committee in New Haven’s Ward 22, as well as Treasurer for College Democrats of Connecticut (CDCT).  His favorite pastimes include reading the news, playing with his dogs, and walking on his hands.




Campus and Community Coordinator – Dasia Moore


Dasia, PC ’18, is from Reidsville, North Carolina and a myriad of other cities and towns in the Southeast.  Interested in both political and non-governmental work, she has volunteered for the Tom Perriello and Dan Malloy campaigns and worked for two local organizations, Reidsville Area Foundation and Rockingham County Healthcare Alliance.  In addition to Dems, Dasia is a Program Ambassador for the Teaching Peace Initiative and a student intern in Yale’s Development Office.  In her free time, Dasia enjoys writing poetry, reading the comments section, singing French songs, and showing people pictures of her six adorable little siblings.




Communications DirectorHedy Gutfreund


Hedy, BK ’18, is from Chicago, which she knows to be the best city in the world. She’s always been interested in political and social issues and has worked for the ACLU of Illinois, although working with the Yale Dems to reelect Dan Malloy was her first time doing intensive campaign work. On campus, Hedy also is a Community Health Educator in the Spanish program, works with RALY (Reproductive Rights Action League at Yale), and writes and blogs for The Politic. When she’s not doing any of those things, she can be found reading good books, watching bad TV, or listening to decent music.




Events Coordinator – Olivia Paschal


Olivia, PC ‘18, is from Rogers, Arkansas. She has campaigned for former Senator Mark Pryor and current Connecticut governor Dan Malloy. Aside from Dems, she also writes and blogs for the Politic, is a founding member of the Arkansas Society, and works at the Yale University Art Gallery. When she’s not studying or working, she can be found reading, sleeping, or watching football.




Membership Coordinator
Josh Hochman


Josh, BK ’18, is a native of beautiful New Jersey, in the shadow of New York City, which Josh believes is New Haven’s best competition in the race to be the best American city. Josh started his political work in high school interning for U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer of New York and then-Newark Mayor Cory Booker. At Yale, he is a prospective political science major, serves as Chair of the Freshman Class Council, and is involved in the Independent Party of the Yale Political Union. When he’s not “living” politics, he spends his free time watching it, as he’s a devoted viewer of Jon Stewart, House of Cards, and Homeland.





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