As of July 30, 2012, the position of Elections Coordinator for the Yale College Democrats will be filled by Nicole Hobbs, who previously held positions of Treasurer and Communications Director.  Josh Rubin, who was serving as the Dems’ Elections Coordinator, will be working at the Obama campaign headquarters this fall.

In a statement to Elections Committee members, Nicole wrote:

I will be taking over for [Josh] as ElectionsCoordinator in the fall as he continues his super amazing work for the Obama campaign!  I loved attendingElections Committee meetings last semester and working on the Murphy campaign this summer has me super pumped for all of the exciting, high impact work we will be doing this fall.  I can’t wait to get back to campus and start working with all of you and all of the new people we will be adding to our group.  I know that we are going to have an awesome semester together working to keep Connecticut and the White House blue!

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